Quint, Philippe

Chaplin's Smile - Song Arrangements for Violin and Piano

11. Jan 2019

Barcode: 093624901808

Mitwirkende: Marta Aznavoorian, Joshua Bell

Multiple Grammy Award-nominated violinist Philippe Quint makes his debut on Warner Classics with the release of his latest album Chaplin’s Smile. The album is a collection of 13 world premiere arrangements for violin and piano of songs composed by Charlie Chaplin for his most well-known films including City Lights, Limelight, Modern Times, The Kid, and more. To commemorate the 130th anniversary of Chaplin’s birth in 2019, Chaplin’s Smile features Philippe Quint with a special guest appearance on two tracks by Quint’s friend and frequent collaborator, violinist Joshua Bell. Joining them is pianist Marta Aznavoorian.